my philosophy


Your kids will never be as young as they are this very moment. Stop and let that sink in…

New portraits of your beautiful children will be one of the most important investments you make this year. When you look at their photo on the wall with their perfect little eyes and sweet little smiles, will it matter that they just drew a picture of you with sharpie on the wall that says, “I love you, mom?” Well, yes it will, but you’ll put it in perspective much faster.

Jess Rotenberg Photography makes checking “get family photos taken” off your to-do list more fun. Way more fun. I’ll help you figure out what to wear, I’ll help you choose a location, I’ll help guide your family through our photo session. Don’t stress about your kids behaving because you can just sit back, relax, and let me be in charge. (I even wipe runny noses.) Plus, when we’re done, I’ll even help you figure out how best to display your new artwork in your home.

  • I keep your children from growing up by capturing their little personalities.

  • I demonstrate the value of quality over quantity.

  • I respond to phone calls and emails within twenty three hours.

  • I believe that people are inherently generous and donate 10% of my profit to charity.

  • I strive for exceptional customer service and aim to earn your repeat business.