how i am different

One day when I was visiting my parents, I paged through our old family photo albums. I noticed that a good 50% of the photos were of my sister and I simply standing next to each other in what appeared to a decent representation of fashion statements over a decade. What I also noticed was that the photos that were most emotional to me were the ones of me with my loved ones actually DOING things. These things weren’t insignificant either–they were the foundation of my memories as a child. Playing cards with my grandma in her postage stamp sized apartment, sitting on the 70s plaid couch in our living room, swimming with mom on hot summer days, and playing piano with dad in my underwear. Here is a visual comparing those actual photographs:


This difference is at the core of how I approach family photography. I believe that the truest, most authentic way to photograph a family is in their home. It doesn’t matter if dust bunnies have taken over the dining room, if you have unfolded laundry in piles in the hallway, or if you really wanted to finish that painting job first. The time is now. The images are for you, sure. But most of all, these photos are for your children, and your children’s children.


What else makes me different?

  • I believe everything from online contract signing to delivery of your 20×30 canvas print should be as simple as humanly possible for you.
  • I have a large portfolio of work centered around my own family and devote time for personal photography and workshops to constantly improve the quality I am producing for clients.
  • I consistently post to my blog, I regularly send newsletters, and have created a small community on Facebook. I value consistency in both business practices and your personal experience with it.
  • I donate a portion of my proceeds to the greater good and support local businesses.
  • I shoot my personal work almost entirely on film (often using vintage cameras) and develop it in my bathroom. Film is beautiful and technical. You can be confident that I am experienced. Not only do I spend time choosing the correct medium (film or digital) for capturing each portion of your session, but I also consider which camera will give you just the right artistic look.
  • My work has been recognized as exemplary and featured in collaborative blogs. (Check out the links on the right side of my blog.)

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