for the ladies


You are probably master of the laundry and steward of the grocery list in your house.

You are intelligent and would totally tackle a list of crafty projects this weekend if you had the time. Or you would just take a nap.

You don’t always feel like super mom after reading the latest parenting article, but you know you are making the right decisions for your family because you know them best.

You love to play with your kids, especially on sunny days when you can run around outside and just be silly.

You know that actually being IN photos WITH your children is something you need to work on.

That’s where I come in…


Whenever you feel like it’s time for a family photo update, just drop me a line. After all, do you really think you’ll watch your kids graduate from high school and think, “I wish we hadn’t taken so many photos of them of them when they were little because they take up way too much room.”? No, like everyone else, you’ll feel the exact opposite. Let me help you make it happen.