for the guys


You are probably balancing a career with raising your family and some days it just wears you out.

You think your wife is beautiful even when you wake up next next to her on a Saturday morning and she smiles at you without makeup, sporting an impressive bedhead.

You’re not the best at documenting all of those family moments in the backyard together and you leave things like organizing birthday parties to your wife.

You love to find special ways to show your wife that you care about her but it’s hard because flowers feel a little overdone.

You know that giving her the gift of beautiful photographs of herself with her children would mean way more to her than a box of chocolates but you’re not sure where to start.

That’s where I come in…


Take a look around the website and contact me to set up a photo session for your family. I’ll ensure the experience doesn’t feel like you’ve added something extra to her to-do list because each family I work with gets individual attention. Plus, we’ll make sure to get a great picture of you and your wife together that she’ll be dying to brag about. She’ll feel like a million bucks and you’ll totally deserve the credit for making that happen. Go you.