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This beautiful image from this summer contains every single edited image I took this year. It’s about 3,200 images total!

See if you can find yourself just click on the image to head to the super duper image viewer.



Even blogging once a week leaves me blogging sessions a year later. I haven’t even gotten to blogging any of my 2016 sessions because there is so much to share.

What perfect timing for this Christmas session from last year. We got the angelic portrait of the twins, a few family portraits plus all the images that most photographers don’t get to:

  • the girls in their jammies watching TV
  • holding their lovies
  • making waffles with mom and dad
  • holiday decorations
  • mama’s office inspiration board
  • play dough time
  • and the coolest pink and purple bedroom inside the Beltline

If this doesn’t convince you that in-home sessions are where it’s at, then maybe all of my 2016 sessions combined will? I’m up for the challenge.
raleigh-family-photographer_0104raleigh-family-photographer_0091 raleigh-family-photographer_0092 raleigh-family-photographer_0093 raleigh-family-photographer_0094 raleigh-family-photographer_0095 raleigh-family-photographer_0096raleigh-family-photographer_0105 raleigh-family-photographer_0097 raleigh-family-photographer_0098 raleigh-family-photographer_0099 raleigh-family-photographer_0101 raleigh-family-photographer_0102 raleigh-family-photographer_0103raleigh-family-photographer_0100jess

I didn’t even see a chiropractor until I was hired for this video and boy did that change quickly! The boys and I make it up to North Raleigh a few times a month now just to see Dr. Davis to have our spines adjusted. This project is a labor of love and each and every little element was fine tuned and perfected. We hope you love getting to meet the staff and patients.

Although I find this more heartfelt and enjoyable than any website on the planet, you can see their raleigh chiropractic website here.


So you’ve been waiting for years to buy that perfect home.

You can’t find anything you like in town but you do find some nice land and a builder.

You pick out the tile, counters, fixtures, paint, blinds, and build in bookcases.

You spend your life’s savings, spend more money to hire movers and FINALLY unpack boxes. Then what?

You invite me over for a photo session. I know, I know, you figured I’d say that. But scroll down and check out the family portraits from their kitchen and tell me that you aren’t a little jealous.

I’m on to something, aren’t I?

raleigh-family-photographer_0080raleigh-family-photographer_0079raleigh-family-photographer_0081raleigh-family-photographer_0083 raleigh-family-photographer_0082 raleigh-family-photographer_0084 raleigh-family-photographer_0085 raleigh-family-photographer_0088raleigh-family-photographer_0086raleigh-family-photographer_0087 raleigh-family-photographer_0089 raleigh-family-photographer_0090


September 05, 2016

Man, sometimes a session really embodies what I do perfectly. Mom gave me complete creative control over everything which allowed me to really push myself and try things I hadn’t before.

It’s really important to find a family photographer that is a good fit. There are many of us and it doesn’t hurt our feelings to shop around. Finding a photographer is like finding that great hairstylist. It’s a matter of taste, personality, and communication.

By golly, I think we nailed it here.

morrisville family photographer 01 morrisville family photographer 02 morrisville family photographer 03 morrisville family photographer 04 morrisville family photographer 05 morrisville family photographer 06 morrisville family photographer 07 morrisville family photographer 08 morrisville family photographer 09 morrisville family photographer 10 morrisville family photographer 11 morrisville family photographer 12 morrisville family photographer 14 morrisville family photographer 15 morrisville family photographer 16 morrisville family photographer 17 morrisville family photographer 18 morrisville family photographer 19