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Don’t let us fool you….

We get in arguments.

We fart. We cuss.

And we sometimes always have a few drinks together.

But this is four generations of a pretty functional, happy family.

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I don’t mean to beat this like a dead horse, but every time I print my annual photo book, I feel like screaming at you:


Your phone snapshots are rotting on a hard drive somewhere, and that’s if you don’t accidentally lose them when your dog tries to flush your phone. Not that that happened to me. (Came close once but then my foolproof back up saved me.)

I use Artifact Uprising, but any photo printer under the sun will do. See how nice and organized this looks?


Here’s our 2016 cover and man it represents our normal little days: library, wrestling, grocery store, haircuts, mall trips, sprinklers, swim lessons, parks, lakes, bedtime, and of course, tax preparation! About 700 other photos join these in the book.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Print them, folks. You won’t regret it! And someone give me a sticker for keeping all my political views to myself. As if we need more of that.


So listen.

I’m not the only one who is glad that the slate has been cleaned and we have another year to look forward to. I’ve been feeling pretty down in the dumps lately about everything that is wrong and looking back through all of my images from 2016?

It helped. I picked out my favorite 40. They aren’t the best 40, but each of them is a tiny glimmer of hope.




Sending love from my family to yours. Have a safe, cozy Christmas and may your relationships with your family and the food you eat be equally enjoyable!

See you on January 2!




Photographer: Ashley Crawford Photography

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