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Here is a typical Saturday and a typical weekday at our house. The magic of film is being restricted by a specific number of frames and the camera I choose and then being totally surprised with whatever images get returned.

This is the sort of imagery that sets my heart on fire and it’s why I share it so much. These photos are what make or break a family because they convey the “rough around the edges” qualities all families have. I mean, unless your kids wear matching clothes most days? I didn’t think so.

I also made sure to get in these photos and allowed my husband to take the reigns. Is that not the best photo of me and the kids ever in the history of the world? Their faces!

Happy fall everyone! Get those pumpkin spice lattes while you can!

P.S. If you need to order Christmas cards in the coming weeks, check out my favorite consumer site, Tiny Prints!

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I’m wrapping up my 10 on 10 series. It started with the idea that I would take an image every hour (10 images) on the 10th of every month.

Gradually, I began scheduling them early, posting more than 10 images, taking them whenever I wanted. It became a series on my kids. It was great to be forced to get the camera out but it’s time to say goodbye.

Now I have so many little sets of images to share (usually a roll of film at a time). It makes more sense to post them as I wish, interspersed between client sessions and topical posts (capsule wardrobes or camera reviews anyone?)

I have no idea what to call this “series” but for now, I’ll just let it happen as it will. Breaking all my own self-imposed rules is something I usually chalk up to a big failure. But not this time.

Here’s some cheap film ($2) from a cheap camera ($30). #cameraaddict #cantstopwontstopbuyingthem

pinehurst family photographer 04 pinehurst family photographer 08 pinehurst family photographer 11 pinehurst family photographer 12 pinehurst family photographer 16 pinehurst family photographer 23 pinehurst family photographer 26 pinehurst family photographer 27 pinehurst family photographer 36 pinehurst family photographer 37 pinehurst family photographer 42 pinehurst family photographer 43

I’ll explain the title, but let me start at the beginning.

Scene: I’m writing my last blog post which is a tad “woe is me”, sometimes parenting sucks, “join me in the trenches whydontyou?” It happens. Sometimes we have really hard days. While desperately trying to knock of a little “work”, I was trying to make the most use of my nap time window. And of all days, it was afternoon full of interruptions, short naps, and being needed.

While tending to my littlest one who was sobbing for no apparent reason, my older little guy was granted permission to play downstairs. Where he discovered my computer. He nailed the guilty look and didn’t realize THAT MOM KNOWS.

It wasn’t until much later in the day that I had noticed he wrote my post for me.


And the title of this piece. Touche, little guy, touche.

More of my miscellaneous winter work.

family photographer raleigh nc 11 family photographer raleigh nc 12 family photographer raleigh nc 13 family photographer raleigh nc 14 family photographer raleigh nc 15 family photographer raleigh nc 16 family photographer raleigh nc 17 family photographer raleigh nc 18 family photographer raleigh nc 19 family photographer raleigh nc 21family photographer raleigh nc 20

I collected all the miscellaneous rolls of film and sporadic digital files and compiled them into two posts for the winter.

I brainstormed all these magnificent ideas and made notes about what cool stories I wanted to tell but today, I am tired. Successfully completely our daily routine with love and patience some days just wears me out–and that’s on the days I get the patience part right (it’s not every day)! I mostly enjoyed my kids but those people who say cherish every moment are always people who aren’t actually parents of little kids RIGHT NOW–they are always little old ladies, moms of teenagers, or women who appear to be about the age of my mom. I do not cherish being reprimanded by my toddler because I made a beautiful sandwich with the crusts cut off but forgot to use the right color jelly. I don’t “relish” that, you know? But patience is part of the job.

I’m glad I’m taking photos along the way because soon I’ll be that person wishing other young moms well and wishing I could relive these days with my whole heart. In related news, can anyone pick up some red jelly?

family photographer raleigh nc 01family photographer raleigh nc 02 family photographer raleigh nc 03 family photographer raleigh nc 04 family photographer raleigh nc 05 family photographer raleigh nc 06 family photographer raleigh nc 07 family photographer raleigh nc 08family photographer raleigh nc 10family photographer raleigh nc 09jess

Welcome to 2016 everyone! I snagged a deal on a Fuji Instax camera before the holidays for Christmas photos! These were the first few frames from around the house.


Nope. We’ve had a blast taking goofy photos and watching them march out of the camera. These aren’t anything special but when I look back on them in a few years, I’ll remember some of the hallmarks of our late afternoons at home:

  • how 50% of our homes occupants’ don’t wear pants after 2pm
  • how proud my older one was of creating his own bowling game from Playdoh
  • how little one always has a snack in his hand that he isn’t eating
  • how pancakes are one of the two or three things my kids actually enjoy when I cook them
  • how much I love the Christmas tree in the corner

That’s about it. Got some fun posts coming up on backing up your photos and capsule wardrobing. (I also might have a review of Thinx undies if I can get past blogging about REALLY personal stuff. But I’m getting close.)

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