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I guess you could say I really started as a professional photographer the day after I quit my “real” job. Funny thing is, it’s the kind of job that made me friends at dinner parties because I was working everyone else’s dream job. That’s right, I worked in forensics. I gave up a regular paycheck & normal working hours for a dream. It was so scary getting everything in place that I didn’t even tell my own parents until I was sure I could pull it off.

Why start as a photographer in a market that has plenty already? I wanted to see photography become fun again. I wanted to see family portraits on the walls of clients–not their hard drives. Sure, digital files are great and all but that CD becomes an expensive paperweight for most families. I wanted to see that change.

I wanted others to experience the kind of joy that is provided by portraits on the walls of a home–not only to those that make it their home day to day but to friends, families, and guests.

Plus, honestly, I also wanted to see quality become a priority again. Sure, you can order prints for less than a quarter these days, but they are the “Made in China” equivalent of photography prints–they fade, bend, tear, and fall apart. They won’t be around when your kids are older.

Let’s change all of that. I want to help YOU prioritize your family most of all.

I’ll help you realize your dream of having incredible photos of your family. You know, a photo with your spouse that makes you feel sexy (and know it)? Haha, see what I did there? And a photo of your child where they appear to love being photographed–no fake smiles, no pouts? Good like that. Then, I take your custom portraits and work with you to update your home with a mini-makeover to show off your new images. Look through my portfolio to get a sense of my style–I strive for a mix of casual, lifestyle photos and more traditional portraits. Call me at 919-610-8621 and we will come up with a plan to suit your family to a tee and keep your session stress-free.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Ames

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