about you


You like having adorable photos of your children but struggle to make the best use of your camera and really need a professional to take care of family photos every year.

You want to make your home reflect your family but aren’t sure how. The sales at the frame store are overwhelming. You don’t know what size is right. You narrow it down to two options and then realize you hadn’t even considered mats and have no idea if the prints will even fit in the frames or the frames will look right on your wall. Next year, you say. I’ll get it together next year.

You appreciate quality and value without overpaying. You are more likely to invest in one well-fitting, durable pair of boots than the ones from the Wal-Mart clearance rack that fall apart after a few months.

You value saving time and money. You gleefully will renew your Amazon Prime membership no matter what the cost because you love that 48 hours after needing applesauce pouches, toilet paper, and small water bottle for your lunchbox, they show up 18 inches from your front door. You appreciate being able to read reviews about products before buying them to ensure you are getting a good value.

You are more likely to patronize a local business that values your time and is patient with you than a big box store. You’ll gladly drive to the pediatrician 15 minutes farther away because they never make you wait for more than a few minutes in the germ-crusted waiting room and don’t mind taking after hours calls about questions you’ve already asked.

You are looking for a photographer that understands you and are ready to embrace your imperfect, messy, adorable little family in all their glory with a session the kids will sad to see end. You, my friend, are in the right place. High five!