about me

jess-rotenberg-headshotLike you, I’m a high chair cleaner, a missing lego finder, a waitress in yoga pants, and toy car referee. By day, I’m raising two toddler boys (who are close in age and featured in my portfolio alongside my work with previous clients). By nights and weekends, I work with local families to redefine how they think about photography (from the ease of working with me to the quality of the products I offer, to the superior approach I take to photographing your family).

Like you, I cherish morning snuggles in mommy’s bed. Like you, I wish I said yes to more painting and cookie baking. Like you, I wish I spent more time appreciating each little childhood milestone before it mysteriously vanished. That’s why I’ve created “day in the life sessions”, my flagship offering. You deserve to have your family photographed the way I photograph mine.






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what my clients say about me

“Jess captures the moments that your heart always remembers, but that you didn’t realize you never wanted to forget.” | Marty

“Good photographer who listens to your wants, gives feedback, and will help capture the moment you’re trying to preserve. Very professional and customer service-oriented. One of (if not the) best overall experience we’ve had with a local photographer.” | Alicia

“Will I be judged on the behavior of my children or the cleanliness of my home? The answer to both is a resounding No! Couldn’t have been more comfortable the entire time. The way you captured the essence of each of my children in your photos. Most photographers are more interested in getting a child to smile and look at the camera. My independent and sometimes unpredictable children just aren’t gonna do it. This was the most unstressful family picture session of my life that truly captured our family in REAL life.” | Heather

“Do it. It’s worth every penny. Oh, and have her print your pictures and perhaps even frame them because they’re amazing that way. Really what’s the sense of beautiful pictures sitting around on a disc while you keep saying “I really need to go get these printed and framed” for the next year..or two…” | Mary

“Being able to be in our home and just going about our business {is the best part}. Your easy going spirit and attitude with the kiddos were amazing. I would say you were totally worth the money even though it was kinda expensive…the quality of the photographs we have are excellent and probably last about 100 years.” | Anonymous

“How the shoot would go with my uncooperative toddler? You were amazing! Everyone was comfortable and I wasn’t stressed out about making sure C was doing things that are unnatural for her, like sitting or standing still. That you were completely casual and professional at the same time, you were quick and the whole thing was a breeze! We never felt uncomfortable or posed at all.” | Lisa

Intrigued? Let me tell you a little about why I approach photography differently.