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Activity Ideas:

  • make homemade cards or pics for grandparents and relatives
  • drawing with a prompt: fun winter adventure, wild wacky snowman
  • hide and seek
  • put 5 small objects in a brown paper bag and they have to guess what they are without looking (improves ability to describe things)
  • popcorn, paper and white glue collages
  • fill a muffin tin with 6 different things and give them glue and paper (pipe cleaners, google eyes, tissue paper pieces, beans)
  • board games
  • google noodle and create an account and let them exercise until they are exhausted
  • bathtub plus shaving cream
  • say “congratulations, you are bored” and allow them to figure out how to occupy themselves, a good life skill
  • playdough snowmen
  • lego snowmen
  • marshmallow snowman
  • painting
  • playing old records or CDs
  • spa day foot soak plus toe painting (challenge the patriarchy and for the love of all that is wintery white, do this with your boys too)
  • create goofy stories about two unrelated things (for older kids, let them type the stories)
  • silly sentences: fold a piece of paper in thirds and on each section list: subject, “things people could do”, object and then open the paper and read the funny sentences
  • make valentines for the class today because you have the time
  • read books
  • have them do a concert and film on iPhone and let them watch over and over and over
  • watch old videos from your phone
  • look at baby pictures
  • snow play
  • check out the layathomemom.blogspot.com from a woman who has Lyme disease and can entertain her children from the couch
  • google sparkle stories and do a free trial
  • masking tape race track or city on the carpet
  • popsicle stick snowflakes with hot glue
  • make playdough together
  • put pair of stockings on their heads with a ball inside and knock down bowling pins or cups
  • pick up cheerios with an uncooked spaghetti stick
  • put food coloring and clear cups with water in the kitchen sink
  • pom poms on a spoon race
  • hot chocolate
  • make a laser maze with tape in the hallway (don’t touch tape or you’ll be zapped by a laser)
  • make rice crispy treats
  • make cookies
  • pillow fort
  • blanket fort with pillows or dining room table and add christmas lights
  • scavenger hunt
  • home chemistry experiments with baking soda and vinegar
  • watch cosmic kid yoga videos
  • make paper snowflakes
  • camp indoors by setting up the tent
  • make paper masks
  • enjoy silly faces on mac’s photo booth program

TV Recommendations:

  • Masha the Bear
  • Nature Cat
  • Daniel Tiger
  • The Gruffalo
  • The Stick Man
  • Mighty Girl
  • Charlie Brown New Year
  • Magic School Bus
  • Odd Squad
  • Wild Kratts
  • Sarah and Duck
  • Team Umizoomi

Podcast Recommendations:

  • April Eight
  • WOW in the World
  • Story Pirates