img_6122I hesitate to get political because most people would probably give up cheese for the rest of their lives if this election would just be over.

All I’ll say is this. You have to vote. You can’t get away with saying you will and then just not making it happen because whether you vote is public record (your selections are not recorded though). That’s right, if you say you’ll vote, your friends can see if you did. In this historic election with two very polarizing figures, you probably want to be on the record as having made an effort.

I mean that nicely of course. Unsure how to proceed? Head over to for some additional info on issues. Did you know that women make up 54% of registered voters in North Carolina? Did you know that 1 in 5 women in NC are sexually assaulted in their lifetime? Or that 43% of working moms are their family’s sole breadwinner?

This election will have implications for our future. Vote Tuesday. I won’t mention it again for another few years. Promise.

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