What was our 2016 halloween photo cost? $10.79 roll of film. $6.80 shipping. $10 developing. PLUS, a trip to Target to pick out a small toy for each kiddo.

Things that are irrationally important to me? Halloween photos. Things that are irrationally important to them? Tiny cars.

It’s a win-win if I ever heard one. No shame.

What the heck are they? That’s a great question. There is a TV show on Nick Jr. that features a monster truck named Blaze. It’s a terrible show but occasionally mentions science so we happily allow them to watch it when they can and file it under “educational”. You’d do it too.

My older son is AJ, the monster truck driver. Instead of a traditional Blaze truck, he requested that Blaze be blue and a race car instead. The baby wanted to be AJ’s little buddy, Gabby, who is the mechanic. The feminist in me cheered inside as Gabby is a female character. He’s driving a totally unrelated truck named Crusher. Of course, little brother had to submit similar modifications to his car.

Here is what we came up with! Before you look though, I need you to stop and admire the zipper on AJ’s costume Do you know HOW many times I had to sew that thing in and rip it out? At one point, I actually had tears streaming down my face. Not because I can’t sew but because I was frustrated that I wouldn’t just stop and create a plan. I’m really proud of the job I did.

Photo nerds: These were taken with a Pentax 645N + 45FA. They were shot on Portra 800 and rated at 200 and developed normally by theFINDlab. These basic scans are basically untouched by me.