So I sit here writing this post listening to the 2nd Presidential debate. Don’t worry, I won’t get political.

But I’m frustrated, annoyed, and saddened that we are in the place and regardless of political opinion, most agree. What on earth will happen in the next 4 years? After that? What about when my kids are teens? Or in college? Or starting families of their own (if they choose)?

It’s also just hours after having our power restored after Hurricane Matthew came through. It’s times like these where I stop and reflect on the most basic of life’s joys. I found this roll of film from May and it warmed my heart. I don’t know why I took it. I don’t know why I used a super grainy, messy, rough film. But it’s perfect.

It’s so basic. Bath time at night. Despite all that is going on in the world, it’s refreshing to focus on what makes our family special. See, bath time is a very basic ritual, you know? But at our house, we have “flourishes” which are unique to our family:

  • the boys run around in their birthday suits after taking off their undies and race each other to the washing machine where they make a big deal about tossing them in
  • teeth must be brushed in their beds, which drives us crazy
  • they require exactly the same number of minutes with each parent before leaving for the night
  • hair must be washed last and a two minute warning must be provided in advance
  • the way they articulate each others’ names so poorly but adorably
  • how one sleeps on his tummy and the other sleeps facing the ceiling on the top bunk

Anyway. Those are just the highlights. Small details that are fleeting. In a few months, these rituals will disappear in exchange for others. Along the way, they will become more and more aware of the evil of the world. But for now, we are so grateful to live in a cozy house with food on the table and plenty of love to go around.

No matter what the world throws at us, we have each other and the little quirks that make us…US.

Be safe out there, ya’ll.

P.S. Film friends, this is Delta 3200 in 35mm, scanned and developed by The FIND Lab. And I don’t care what you say, I prefer it to HP5+ pushed 3 stops.