October 17, 2016

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Super duper anxious week for me over here and I’m over here channeling my inner Elsa and LETTING IT GO by remembering to brush my teeth and pay the bills on time as the storm passes. It always passes.

So NEXT WEEK, you’ll get your camera review article just in time for Christmas gifts? Cool?

Well you don’t have a choice so there is that. #theydontpaymetoreviewthingsanyway

In the meantime, I’ve got this session in the editing queue.

Curious about how to do stripes at a photo session? This, my friends, is exactly how it’s done. But if you feel like you are lucky to get your kids to wear pants for a session, that’s ok too.

I’m down with both perfectly dressed children and pants-less, not exactly clean, ruffled hair, unmatched, spirited toddlers who don’t give two craps about having their photos taken. It’s probably best if you wear pants though…