A bit of shameless self-promotion here for a minute.


I wrote a piece that has been swimming in my head for about 6 months now. On a whim, I submitted it to the Huffington Post and they ran it. I’m getting so much positive feedback (and a few trolls, haha) but it’s so rewarding to hear from people who relate.

You can find the article here, or read an excerpt below.

I just hadn’t realized our horror over “imaginary pregnancies” was simply an extension of this mentality too. Think about your life and all the things you trying not to be. A bad parent? A distant friend? A nagging miserable spouse? A yeller? A phone addict? The least productive person at work? Does fat really rank that high? What if we could be all the things we dream of in this world and also a little fluffy? Would that make us failures?