I collected all the miscellaneous rolls of film and sporadic digital files and compiled them into two posts for the winter.

I brainstormed all these magnificent ideas and made notes about what cool stories I wanted to tell but today, I am tired. Successfully completely our daily routine with love and patience some days just wears me out–and that’s on the days I get the patience part right (it’s not every day)! I mostly enjoyed my kids but those people who say cherish every moment are always people who aren’t actually parents of little kids RIGHT NOW–they are always little old ladies, moms of teenagers, or women who appear to be about the age of my mom. I do not cherish being reprimanded by my toddler because I made a beautiful sandwich with the crusts cut off but forgot to use the right color jelly. I don’t “relish” that, you know? But patience is part of the job.

I’m glad I’m taking photos along the way because soon I’ll be that person wishing other young moms well and wishing I could relive these days with my whole heart. In related news, can anyone pick up some red jelly?

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