You know how you feel about that sink full of dishes or the pile of unorganized art supplies?

Sometimes, that’s how I feel about photography. I’m full of these great ideas and educational projects but they sit in the back of my mind, eating away at my mental energy.

I resisted doing this photo shoot for the entire month of January. I knew the little caps would be perfect for some simple Valentine photos but one day, it was too much energy to set up the lights, the next, the boys were grumpy. When it wasn’t logistical, I worried that I’d waste my time and money developing film because I’m still learning how to use studio lights with film. Self doubt crept in from every corner and it was like playing a game of whack a mole.

Below are the results. I couldn’t be any happier, frankly. I’m noting this as “reasons to just f*ing do it” in the future.

Images shot using a Pentax 645N on Delta 3200 and developed/scanned by Photovision. Color images shot using Canon 5D Mark III.

sibling portraits raleigh nc 15sibling portraits raleigh nc 04sibling portraits raleigh nc 16sibling portraits raleigh nc 11sibling portraits raleigh nc 24sibling portraits raleigh nc 0116 copy copy

Last but not least, who doesn’t love a good behind the scenes shot? Nice, eh?