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I treated myself this Christmas and just brought my film cameras. For family trips, I find that the joy of receiving the photos a few weeks later from my lab in one giant bundle provides much more joy than having to edit an set of digital files. It’s about a tenfold increase in happiness.

When everything got in, I immediately got them ready to share with my sister and this is what she sent back:

I imagine there is a huge mommy goggle aspect to this point because these photos are intensely personal. But regardless, here is our Christmas in western NY. The family rented an entire B&B house down the street from my grandparents and the house is so old that it almost had a haunted movie set vibe. I mean, it was lovely. Thanks, mom! This Christmas brought to you by beer, pizza, a few Christmas gifts and tons of adult coloring books!

(This post is entirely high speed films processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab (thank goodness for their 31% off sale)! Stocks include Ilford Delta 3200, Cinestill 800, Fuji Natura 1600, and Kodak Portra 800.)

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