Welcome to 2016 everyone! I snagged a deal on a Fuji Instax camera before the holidays for Christmas photos! These were the first few frames from around the house.


Nope. We’ve had a blast taking goofy photos and watching them march out of the camera. These aren’t anything special but when I look back on them in a few years, I’ll remember some of the hallmarks of our late afternoons at home:

  • how 50% of our homes occupants’ don’t wear pants after 2pm
  • how proud my older one was of creating his own bowling game from Playdoh
  • how little one always has a snack in his hand that he isn’t eating
  • how pancakes are one of the two or three things my kids actually enjoy when I cook them
  • how much I love the Christmas tree in the corner

That’s about it. Got some fun posts coming up on backing up your photos and capsule wardrobing. (I also might have a review of Thinx undies if I can get past blogging about REALLY personal stuff. But I’m getting close.)

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