fall giveawayA small group of my friends dubbed September “self care” month. I played along and one evening, posted a photo of myself in a pair of pajama pants. Because self care can be really, really comfortable pants.

Well, that inspired me to reach out and see if I could snag a pair of quality, soft, luxurious pajama pants for a reader. Which I did, from an amazing company called Punjammies. They also threw in a free tee and were totally fine when I asked if we could provide the size of the winner at a later date. Because a size medium is only awesome if you are ARE a size medium. You know?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve carefully curated this fabulous collection of products (some I’ve purchased, others were donated) with a self care theme and they are ALL part of the giveaway just for you guys. Treat yo-self! Don’t get the Parks and Recreation joke?

The entry form is at the bottom and entries close at midnight, October 24, 2015 EST. Winners will be contacted via email after that. I’ve decided to spread the love and draw a name for each prize. You’ll have a better chance to win that way!

raleigh family photographer giveaway 05

Punjammies by Sudara

WINNER: Lucy Hughes

Each pair of Punjammies is made proudly in India by women working to forge a new path, free from sex slavery. In addition to their commitment to providing safe and sustainable jobs, Punjammies pays attention to the tiniest details of their pajama pants. Plus, their prints are BEAUTIFUL. Self care: When it’s finally time to rest in the evening, wearing something beautiful beats repurposed yoga pants.


$25 to The Flourish Market

WINNER: Kati Gardner

Emily Sexton of EmGrey Photography is co-owner of a brand new start up in Raleigh in October 2015. She sells exclusively fair trade items from across the globe and has visited countless countries to pull this off. Her online boutique and fashion truck will be ready for us soon and the winner of this gift card will be one of the first shoppers! You can see some of their offerings featured here: https://instagram.com/theflourishmarket/ Self care: Pick something out for yourself. (images courtesy of The Flourish Market)


Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson

WINNER: Shannon Tufts

What giveaway needed a book? THIS ONE. I’ve not read this one yet but many reviewers suggest your drink will come out of your nose kind of funny. Brené Brown says, “You’ll laugh, wince, writhe in discomfort, cry, then laugh again. You might even feel the need to buy a raccoon. But the two things you’ll never do is doubt Jenny’s brilliance or her fearlessness when it comes to having honest discussions about mental illness, shame, and the power of human resilience. She’s changing the conversation one rented sloth at a time.” After some searching, it seemed like a nice read that was a mix of funny and deep. Self care: Reading is good for you. We all wish we did it more and it becomes much easier with a decent book to snuggle in with.

raleigh family photographer giveaway 01

$5 to Starbucks Coffee

WINNERS: Kati Pelch & Colleen Stafford

Pumpkin Spice Latte. Pumpkin Spice Latte. Pumpkin Spice Latte. All you anti-PSL folks can just agree to disagree with me here and use your gift card to buy something else. Self care: Because a day at the park sounds way more fun with a giant cup of coffee in hand.

raleigh family photographer giveaway 12

Hanky Panky Retro Thong

WINNER: Sarah Zinn

In chatting with my friends, everyone was in agreement that there isn’t enough nice underwear in our drawers. I have found the nicest, sexiest, most comfortable thong on the planet that smooths the midsection just perfectly. This brand has a cult following because their thongs are just so comfortable. Winner gets to pick a size too. Self care: Wear pretty underthings makes every woman feel good inside.


21 Step Body Image Remix Program

WINNER: Alison Evans

I’m sure you’ve never done this before. Been unable to fall asleep and surfed the internet on your phone? Yeah, me either. One night while “not doing this”, I came across an ad for Summer’s course “Body Image Remix”. It was on sale and after reading the entire page, I was so intrigued. She talked about how we all need to be loving the bodies we are in now. How the cycle of self-hatred needs to stop. How we all focus on numbers–weight, pant size, calories to determine our worth. It’s been a really eye opening experience and one that has left me feeling more confident and far more content with the body I have. I’m focused less on being unhappy with my body. And she has actual, concrete, REAL ways to achieve this goal instead of just throwing fluff at us. And she’s donating a slot to one of you! It’s email based and doesn’t require much more than “being on your phone.” Easy. Summer also has a certain irreverence about her which I really appreciate. She describes her course this way: “The 21 Step Body Image Remix is a life-changing 21-day online body image program created by Body Image Coach, Summer Innanen. This program is for the woman who wants to swagger with confidence and say hello to the confident fierce woman within!” Self care: Getting dressed, eating food, looking in the mirror, and receiving a compliment with a smile on your face and zero feelings of inadequacy. Apparently, it’s possible. (images courtesy of Summer Innanen)

raleigh family photographer giveaway 08

Hoot Owl Hoot by Peaceable Kingdom & Stack Up! by Peaceable Kingdom

WINNERS: Lizzie Bowdridge (Hoot Owl Hoot) & Julia Stoy (Stack Up!)

Peaceable Kingdom is the creator of a brand new style board game for kiddos. Meet cooperative board games: everyone works together toward a common goal and there is no “winner or loser”. Now, I’m all for teaching kids the way of the world and all that stuff, but sometimes you just want to have fun with your kids without anyone having a meltdown. Game night should be FUN and not full of tears. When I contacted the company, they were thrilled to donate a copy of each of these games! Self care: You will feel a giant boost of self esteem by giving your kids some quality time and everyone will leave feeling happy and loved.

raleigh family photographer giveaway 10

2 Passes to BigEBounce

WINNERS: Alex Sparrow & Erica Bothwell

My little guys call this place “hop hop” and it’s one of Cary’s gems. From the obnoxious character posters that adorn the entryway to the loud humming of inflatables, BigEBounce welcomes you with reminders that this place caters to children. They have an area just for little kids that is just as large as the big kid area so your toddlers won’t get injured by any big kids. Leather couches, fabulous 90s music, and clean bathrooms make this my favorite place to hang out on a weekday. Self care: You won’t be stuck in the house with cooped up kiddos on the next rainy day.

Day Passes to the Alexander Family YMCA

WINNERS: Andrea Bunting & Kimberly Burge & Kathleen Poorman

I hesitate to throw a gym thing in here because no one needs pressure to go to a gym. That said, the YMCA has become our haven during the week. For two hours each day, I can drop off the kids and take time to exercise, read, drink coffee, chat with friends, or just sit alone for a bit. I resisted joining for so long but after using a pass, I was sold. They generously donated a few passes (worth $10 each) so you can try it out yourself one day. Self care: We all feel better with exercise and time ourselves. Grab yourself some of both. Bonus: You can even take a long hot shower.


Jess Rotenberg Photography Wacky Couch Mini Session

WINNER: Sarah Cramer

I could find some fancy way to make this fit into the theme or I could give away a mini session as the final prize. November 7th, at your house, 10 minutes of quick snuggles and you’ll have an update family photo. Self care: You can use that photo to finish your Christmas shopping before it starts.

P.S. A few I’m just purchasing using affiliate link income. This page also contains affiliate links and if you chose to use them, bravo to you for helping me make these giveaways possible!