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If you are like most of the people I bump into day to day, you are really hesitant to jump on the “in-home portrait” train. Just find me a reason I haven’t heard yet…I dare you.

  1. You don’t have to leave your house. I can’t stress how wonderful this aspect is. Your kids feel comfortable in their space and everyone automatically is about ten times more cooperative. You have access to snacks, coffee or a special toy. If anyone needs a quick change of clothes, it’s as easy as running to the dryer. (Did you think I’d say dresser or closet? Oh, you put your clothes away in a dresser or closet on a regular basis? Good for you.)
  2. Your session takes about half the time. And I don’t mean the shooting time. That remains the same. By allowing me to come to your home, you save time it takes to dress your family, pack a bag of the things you “might” need, wrangle children into the car, stop and google directions, drive to location, take everyone to the bathroom, meet me, listen to me explain “the plan”, and then do all that in reverse when we are done.
  3. Your kids feel more special. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to let your home be photographed is hard work. It’s a reminder to you of the rooms that need tidying, the walls that need painting, the repairs that need to be done, and the carpets need cleaning. And let’s not mention that room that no one should really go in. But your kids love seeing themselves surrounded by the place they call home and they feel the warmth and coziness.

Here is an in-home session featuring a newborn and his new big sister. We shot the first half of the session in a bonus room full of toys (that you’ll notice aren’t even visible). The rest took place around the house. When it’s someone else’s home, I think you’ll see the character brought out by setting each photo with a backdrop of their house.

Speaking of which, mini sessions have been announced and they will take place at YOUR home this week. Learn more here.

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