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Just like with “mom friends”, it’s hard to find a community in the photography community. It isn’t because there is anything wrong with photographers! It’s just that we are human and have different interests, talents, specialties, personalities. The only thing we truly have in common is expensive taste in equipment. I don’t think there is a photographer I know who doesn’t know what they would do with $1000 toward equipment.

But in my community, the answer is simple: buy more film cameras, more film, and get it developed. It’s at bare minimum $12 and typically more like $25-$30 to shoot just one roll of film and get it developed. And even though a perfectly fine digital camera could do “just as well”, we get stuck on the “just”. To fuel our habit, we are always working on projects (like last week’s post actually).

Meet Lizbeth, the traveling Holga. (A Holga is a cheap plastic camera that has virtually no controls over exposure or focus–see a picture here. Anyone who has used one has had the back fall off at some point, ruining frames.) A group of film photographers who are part of Kindred Art purchased a Holga and have been mailing it all over the country, taking turns using it.

Why bother? It’s a valid question. Going back to the basics is refreshing and inspiration sometimes comes from being limited. You might think these shots resemble the square “filtered” Instagram shots of a park and I couldn’t agree more. Holga cameras and their imperfection inspired a good chuck of the Instagram concept if you ask me. Here was my turn–including one of those “back falling off the camera” moments!

jess rotenberg photography raleigh family photography 01 jess rotenberg photography raleigh family photography 02 jess rotenberg photography raleigh family photography 03 jess rotenberg photography raleigh family photography 04 jess rotenberg photography raleigh family photography 05jess rotenberg photography raleigh family photography 06

Come join us one Wednesday evening at 6:30pm for the Pullen Park Drum Circle. It’s eclectic and incredibly fun for kids. Bring a picnic!


P.S. There is an affiliate link in this post and it’s my job to disclose that to you for transparency. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you a penny and it supports giveaways on my site. I’ve got a huge one planned this fall and products are rolling in. Stay tuned.