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A few months ago, I received a very special roll of film in the mail from a “film mama friend” and me, along with some others all found a special use for it. (To see posts from other’s in the blog circle, just scroll to the bottom of this post.)

Although I photograph my kids often, I felt like this roll deserved a special job. I met my friend, Kerri, through “Listen To Your Mother” and had this nagging desire to photograph her and her daughter. Why? Something about Kerri’s personality, the honest way she moves through the world, and the fact that as a single mom, she doesn’t get many photos with her girl.

When I found out that they would be painting a cool clubhouse shed in a few weeks, I was so thrilled.

This roll of film is an old motion picture roll by Seattle Film Works but it really didn’t deliver the colors I was hoping for. I’m guessing it was so old that the film had degraded over time. Needless to say, we got exactly what we needed from it anyway, and more. Photos have a way of doing that, you know?

If seeing Kerri and her daughter in their home makes you wonder if you want the same, consider letting me take your Christmas photos this year. You can learn more here:
raleighfamilyphotographer04 raleighfamilyphotographer06 raleighfamilyphotographer10 raleighfamilyphotographer13 raleighfamilyphotographer15 raleighfamilyphotographer18

I pulled out a second, backup roll of film just to make sure I had something in case the first was dud. The colors rendered beautifully and I was happy to be able to provide just a few more images to this sweet family. Obviously, conversation is always a plus but my favorite part of the evening may have been sprite jello popsicles that we shared after painting.

0323 22  24 27P.S. The strawberries were from Kerri’s garden and they rocked!

Head over to Kel Ward Photography, a buddy of mine and fellow film lover working out of Portland, OR.