These images are part of my monthly series on everyday images. The series has morphed from photos every hour as we go about our day to mini sets that embrace the everyday. You can check out the posts over the years here.

That said, these images say much more about the everyday relationships with the people in our lives rather than what we do everyday. Because the pool? One of the hardest things to do with kids. Ditto for outdoor adventures that involve sunscreen and remembering hats.

My sister recently moved from day trip distance to long weekend distance. We miss her so much. When she is here, she is so hands-on. I love watching her be an aunt because it reminds me a) of what a great mom she will be one day and b) how much fun it will be for ME to be an aunt then.

Our buddy Becky helped me take a trip to Jordan Lake with my kiddos in the middle of June. In my mind, I’m the kind of mom that just LOVES the outdoors. In reality, it’s just too hard to find the courage most day. She taught me her favorite tips for being outside and we helped her kill an overnight plane delay with the most glorious swim in the lake.

Pool: Pentax 645N + 75FA + Kodak Ektar + Richard Photo Lab

Lake: Canon EOS-1N + 40mm pancake + Kodak Gold/Kodak Portra 160 + theFINDlab
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