So here’s the story for the record: My buddy Cary Heise of Vend Raleigh and I partner up in the blogosphere now and again. I’ve been wanting to write about branding for her audience (mothers who own businesses in the Raleigh area) for a while now. Especially after releasing my new video earlier this year!

So I did. And it’s here! I discuss the one email that used to drive me CRAZY. I talk about what I totally sucked at. Humbling, yes. But I believe in being transparent.

This is a bit behind the scenes and a bit of inspiration for other business owners and a “this is really working guys!” for other photographers who follow me.

And because I’m human and being honest, I’ll also admit that blogging here weekly is hard work! And I put lots of effort into the Vend Raleigh post. And I’m lazy. So head over there this week and let me take a nice break. And pretend I never said all that. 🙂

Oh and you need photos? Were you think I was REALLY cheating? Worry not. Two frames from a roll of film that needed to be used up.