July 10, 2015
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On May 13, 2015, I took the boys out to blow bubbles to celebrate the life of little Hudson, a sweet toddler taken from us too soon over 5 years ago now. You can read more about #bubblesforhudson here. A neighbor friend joined us for the bubbles and a short game of t-ball. You know, back when the weather was thoroughly enjoyable outside and it didn’t come with a side of steam room.

Typically, I avoid taking too many photos of my kids when they are mad or crying. It feels selfish and usually, I’m the one nearby to comfort them. This evening, I managed to get photos of both boys melting down. I know their cries and sad faces so well that I’m grateful to have photos. I can’t remember why little one was upset but my older one was sobbing because his friend had to go home. So freaking precious.

Our everday…
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