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Represented below are moms who have nursed their babies through what society would call “unusual” circumstances. They include:

  • nursing toddlers who are older than 3 years of age
  • induced lactation to nurse an adopted baby
  • nursed their older child while pregnant with a younger sibling
  • tandem-nursed two of their children at the same time
  • exclusively pumped for over a year, 3 separate times (much of that milk given to other moms who needed it)
  • nursed another child for a mom who had to be away from her baby for the day

These ladies are some of my closest friends and they basically begged me to host a breastfeeding mini session one day. A while ago, I did a special session for a friend who wanted needed some photos that made her feel glamorous bottle feeding (it’s my most shared blog post ever). So it only seemed appropriate to celebrate these moms too. Even if some of these breastfeeding choices squick you out because they are so atypical, isn’t it cool that they are parenting in a way that makes themselves and their children so utterly happy?

Yes, yes it is. Breastfeeding is hard and these ladies are perfect examples of how they made it work for them.

Images taken at Historic Oak View Park in Raleigh, NC using a Pentax 645N (Acros 100) and Canon EOS-1N (Portra 400). Developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.