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My extraordinarily clever title for this post isn’t an original, sorry to disappoint. It comes from one of our favorite books by that name, “How To Babysit A Grandpa.” If you haven’t seen it and you have a special grandpa in your life, you really ought to check it out.

Once the hard parts of being a “work from home” mom is that everything happens at home–my days playing with toy cards, photo editing and blogging, folding tiny underwear and washing diapers, making peanut butter and jelly, and wiping high chairs. On weekends where my husband needs to catch up on grading or spend the whole morning mowing the lawn, we sometimes head to see my parents for a change in scenery.

My little guys are completely enamored with Grandpa. They like Nana, but she is second fiddle at this juncture in our lives. (Much like I am when daddy is around.) Grandpa gets out new cars, little golf balls, let’s them explore the neighborhood with the little wagon in tow for breaks. It’s a beautiful thing to watch them bond and develop a relationship that distance made impossible for me and my grandparents.

These images were taken using a Pentax 645N on Ektar (pushed one stop) and the gloriously plastic toy camera Holga 120N on Lomography 100. Both rolls were developed and scanned at theFINDlab.

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