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On December 5, 2012, I was doing my morning reading and an article from Slate crossed my path called “The Greatest Hoodie Ever Made”. You can read it here. As one who appreciates the finer things in life such as quality lounge wear, I checked out the full review. Perfection. Why? Because a simple, classic garment had gotten the makeover of a lifetime. High-quality fabric, manufactured in the USA, careful attention to fit and tailoring, free shipping both ways. Here is a snippet of the review that stuck with me:

“The hood’s drawstrings and the backing along the zipper are also all dyed to match the color of your hoodie. (Cheaper hoodies use contrasting white strings and zipper-backs with every hoodie color.) Most people won’t notice these details, but they add up to a remarkable garment.”

Meet American Giant.

Since being introduced to them, our family has purchased at least 8 t-shirts in a few styles, a mock neck sweatshirt, and the latest, a pair of basic shorts for around the house. The quality is impeccable.

My biggest find has been the women’s t-shirt. Here’s what sold me on it. It’s thick cotton but still soft. It’s not too tight around my midsection but it has structure and great tailoring. It’s long enough. The v-neck makes nursing my baby effortless. Plus, THE COLORS, folks! It’s everything I want in a basic shirt and for between $20 and $25 depending on the sale.

Feel like trying one? Use this special link to save 15% off your purchase. (Note that as a thanks for sending you to them, they will give me a small discount as well. I like to operate with full transparency, here.)

Want to see these details in person? Check out the mini-shoot I did with my t-shirts. Who does that? Who loves a shirt so much that it gets it’s own photo shoot. One day, I hope to find jeans worthy of this honor. Until then, at least I have my t-shirts.

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