I wish there were a way to adequately express how special Listen To Your Mother is. If I were an amazing writer with all the right words and three weeks to pen the perfect essay, maybe.


When I first attended, I thought the cast was made up of high-ranking women (and a man) who were natural writers with the God-given ability to just spit out emotional pieces of writing about motherhood. I assumed that reading their writings to a crowd was something they did regularly (therefore making it easy). It turns out that the cast was…


Like people I would ACTUALLY want to be friends with. And friend them, I did! The connections I have made by working with the cast and the growth that I have experienced by simply bearing witness to their stories is hard to quantify. Most are mothers I can relate to with children who get progressively more…annoying…err I mean loveable over the course of the day. And women who struggle with making each dinner each night or finding a pair of pants that fits. Universal stuff. Most aren’t fancy professional writers at all.

For the third year, I will be the photographer for Listen To Your Mother Raleigh-Durham and have all sorts of plans to make these the best photos yet. One of my perks?

Giving away a pair of free tickets to the Raleigh Durham event on May 7 and 8 at Kenan Auditorium on the campus of Peace College.

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