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Ok, ok, so maybe taking a two year old bowling wasn’t the best idea we ever had. It SOUNDED like a good idea at the time, but after one too many dropped bowling balls and “my turn, mine”, we all realized it might be more fun for the toddler to rocket the bowling ball himself for twenty minutes. And boy were we right. One of the best family outings we’ve had in a long time. If you are looking for a low-key, inexpensive bowling alley around town, The Alley on Hillsborough Street near NCSU is the way to go.

A quick note for fellow photographers: These images were shot on Portra 400 using an Canon 1N. I developed them myself (pushed two stops) but final scans looked like Barney had accidentally gotten stuck in my developing tank. I converted them to black and white but the quality leaves a little to be desired. Ya live, ya learn.

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