March 10, 2015
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One of the funny things about the way I parent is that I tend to fret about the tiny things (for example, what brand of baby socks is best or which type of probiotic is most effective) and spend far less time on the big stuff, like potty training.

During a normal mundane week, I decided that potty training would begin THIS FRIDAY. I grabbed the necessary items like character-branded tiny undies, juice boxes (aka “learning opportunities”) and a tiny potty.

I was ready to earn a new parenting merit badge, folks!


The problem was, we had NOTHING to do and by 10am, momma had to get creative.  So we all hopped in the bath with a fresh bottle of shaving cream (sorry, honey) and spent nearly two hours splashing and pretending to be fish together.

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I even tried my hand at shooting a roll of color film for kitchen sink developing. To say it was an epic failure is an understatement but I was able to convert a few to black and white that I will keep. They aren’t exactly incredible but I do get points for trying?