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Lately, we’ve been talking about families with oldest son and I find myself saying oversimplified things like “some families have a mommy and daddy and two children”. As we cycle through each family type, I realized I left out a very important kind.

Families with dogs. This little PUPPY and his parents were a joy for the camera. Although he was pretty excited to see me at first, he calmed down and was extremely obedient. I’m so used to chasing kids that having stationary subjects was a breath of fresh air! That puppy tail though, wow! Try as I might, I could never quite freeze the wagging motion!

These images were taken at Fred Fletcher Park in Raleigh and it’s an ideal location for picnic sessions, frisbee throwing sessions, and family tackle football sessions because it’s beautiful from every single angle. Not up for an in-home session? Consider planning your lifestyle session at Fletcher Park.

Session Info: Canon 5D Mark III (digital) and Canon EOS-1N on Portra 800 (developed and scanned by theFINDlab)

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