February 16, 2015
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Spoiler alert, no elephants here, just a figure of speech.

For me, the giant elephant in the room is most apparent at Christmas. For over 50 years, my family has celebrated Christmas in a cozy little house nestled in the Alleghany Mountains. As children were added, they joined in. When those children had children, they were welcomed with open arms. The activities are unremarkable: We drink beer, eat lasagna, watch TV at 100 decibels, snack on a cookie buffet, and nap. LOTS of naps.

One day, two of the most beautiful souls in the world will be whisked up to heaven and Christmas will never be the same. No one speaks of what that will be like, because we can’t even imagine how it will feel when grandma and grandpa are no longer with us. I feel guilty even typing it here. Until that sorrowful day, we celebrate each and every Christmas spent together. For me, that’s in photos:

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