Part of improving my photography is doing things that scare the pants off me.

This little Valentine project was shot entirely on film using studio lighting–that scares the pants off of me. It’s far from perfect but I’m still pretty proud of what I was able to accomplish using old school equipment! With the screen on the back of the camera, it’s impossible to check how the light looks or how the focus is. Even harder, with only a few dozen frames, you have to be selective about pushing the shutter while still making sure you grab those awesome expressions. Scary, for a photographer who learned using a digital camera!

The second part of this little experiment was scary for reasons that are easier to relate to. Who in their right mind takes two toddlers and gives them red and pink “paint”? It was a nuclear level mess afterward but well worth it. Nothing a bath for all three of us couldn’t fix. Although, that trail of paint from the backdrop to the garage door and into the laundry room? That may be around a while…

Images taken using a Pentax 645N on Fugi 400H. Scanned and developed by theFINDlab.

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