Not oil, then soap.

Just oil.

In fact, it’s been two years since I washed my face with any kind of soap at all. And no, it’s not a greasy mess. I’m sporting the clearest, healthiest skin I’ve ever seen.

Although it sounds counter intuitive, the oil cleansing method is extremely effective and great for skin! Plus, I don’t need to purchase scrubs, washes, masks, eye makeup remover or even moisturizers. The dirt and makeup are easily removed with the oil cleanser and they just wipe away, leaving clean skin behind.

When I shared this with my Facebook friends, quite a few gave it and honest try and became converts so I thought it might be a great recipe to share.

How To Make It

If you run into Whole Foods, you’ll find at least a dozen variety of plant oils. There are plenty of opinions about which are best and which should be avoided. Personally, I have great success with a mixture of castor and grapeseed oils. Castor oil is good at “cleaning” the skin but it can by drying so mixing it with another oil makes the perfect balance. The drier your skin, the less castor oil I would recommend.

I would also suggest jojoba and avocado oils in lieu of the light and quick-absorbing grapeseed oil. The verdict is out on olive and coconut oils. Some have found they can cause breakouts but they are a great way to give this method a try without investing much.

  • 1 part castor oil
  • 2 parts grapeseed oil (start at 4 parts if you have dry skin and 1 part if you have really oily skin)
  • vitamin E oil preserves the mixture and nourishes skin
  • aloe vera gel is moisturizing and healing
  • a few drops of essential oils makes the cleanser smell great

I’ve found the mixture of tea tree, lavender, and frankincense to be my favorite. Note: Essential oils are a hot topic these days. Although I am photographing what I currently own, I recommend Heritage Essential Oils over any multilevel marketing company.

You can mix this up in any container but I recommend something small, about 2-4 ounces. This is a great example if you are an online shopper. The Container Store also has great options.

best oil cleanser recipe

How It Works

    1. Put a quarter size amount of oil in your hands and massage your face gently for about a minute.
    2. Run a washcloth under hot water and place it over your face to open the pores. Enjoy this. It is likely the most relaxing thing you’ve done all day. A quick note a note about showers: my shower doesn’t get hot enough to remove the oil effectively. I usually do a quick wipe after I hop out using the hot water from the faucet.
    3. Gently wipe the oil of and enjoy a very clean face that is neither dry nor greasy. It might take a few days to associate hydrated skin with clean skin (instead of dried out, leathery skin that has to be re-moisturized).
    4. Smile. That’s it.

      best oil cleanser recipe

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