I’ve been holding these images of my son for about six months because they were taken as part of my father’s Christmas present.

These images were shot on film in the rural area where my dad was a boy. He grew up raising horses and a pink sheep (long story) on the neighboring farm and my sister and I remember catching crayfish and swimming in the pond across the way.

Right now, they represent a taste of what is come once March and April come around again. Muddy crocs, sweaty t-shirts, hours spent outside with sticks and rocks. As much as I love the adorable walking marshmallows that I call my children, summer is where it’s at, ya’ll.

Images photographed with a Canon EOS-1N on Portra 160 and Ultramax 400. Developed and scanned by theFINDlab.

raleighkidportraits01 raleighkidportraits02 raleighkidportraits03 raleighkidportraits04 raleighkidportraits05 raleighkidportraits06