November 06, 2014

While I edited this image, I kept reflecting on how important a really good edit is to me. Most photographers don’t ever show their clients the RAW files because an unedited image can be so different than an edited one. Here is an image that really allows me to show you what I mean.

The before is severely overexposed. It’s almost to the point that I shouldn’t actually show it to the general public–but I’m going to break my own rule. This image was so imperfect that I almost trashed it and dismissed it as a “transition” image (one that happens while I’m in the process of adjusting settings in new light). It happens, no worries. But this little guy was on the move and I didn’t have another with the correct settings that was as perfect as this one. Operation transformation was successful! Here is what I did.

  1. Darkened the image and removed the bright light spot in the bottom right.
  2. Removed the leaves and brush from the right side of the waterline.
  3. Extended the treeline & water reflection on the left to eliminate distractions.
  4. Replaced the sky with a version that more closely matched the way it looked in real life.

And there you have it, before and after. Sometimes images are worth saving.