A long, long, long time ago, I wrote a blog post about the coffee table books that I offer to my clients. As I transition to more and more storytelling style sessions, I’m finding it increasingly important to get albums in the hands of my clients. Here are the three reasons this is so critical to me.

  1. No one wants to look through a USB of images, ever. It’s like when your great aunt brings her laptop to show you pictures of her latest vacation and there are 218 images of the back of your uncles head in different landscapes. Granted, my photography IS WAY BETTER THAN THAT. But the analogy is one I’ll still stand behind. Image viewing on a computer is miserable. Plus, we all spend too much time on a computer as it is. However, an actual photo album? You can touch it, you can stop and stare at one picture for a bit longer. As a child, I remember spending hours every few months looking at old pictures of our family–but it wasn’t the paper sleeves of 4×6 prints from Wal-Mart. You know, the ones with the blue sticky stuff on the flap? We looked at photo albums. It’s the way photos are meant to be viewed.
  2. Looking through an album will make your kids feel safe, secure, loved, and so incredible special. There is no substitute.
  3. It reminds us what we value. We buy lots of stuff here in America. Most of it never really sticks around. Think of all the electronics that you’ve discarded over the last five years, ten years? Ridiculous. Think about the frivolous purchases you’ve made at the last Pottery Barn sale. Think about the amount of money you’ve spent on clothes you don’t wear. For a fraction of that you can have a high quality album that you can pass down to your children. One that will actually last and they will actually want to keep.

IMG_0547Here is what a ten inch by ten inch custom designed heirloom quality album looks like. It’s in a dust cover, to protect it from scratches, fingerprints, and dirt. It’s printed on REAL photo paper and mounted to a thick stock that makes the pages practically turn themselves. Linen paper binds the front and back pages so the book has a finished, professional look. The cover is made of high-quality leather that is soft and sturdy. Plus the seam along the middle of the pages is virtually invisible and lays as flat as a hotel pillow.

Technically, there are a few different album styles. Rest assured, we can find one to fit every price range and every style. Here is the entire library of color swatches, from all three lines of albums by KISS. Learn more about KISS here.jessrotenbergphotographyalbums