_MG_8542Although this beautiful family lives across the country in California, Raleigh is still very much where their hearts are. Exactly 98 months from the morning these images were taken, Mary and Matt were getting married and celebrating here at the Art Museum.

I grabbed a photo of them that I took that evening so you could see them nearly a decade ago. (I’m rather proud of my photo organization system because that wasn’t difficult to find at all!)

However, Little Reece took all the pressure off of her parents to look adorable and just stole the show herself. She’s a very content baby, particularly with a full tummy. She’s easy to make laugh and enjoying chewing on just about anything, especially her feet.

After an hour of wandering around the grounds of the museum, we headed back to Mary’s childhood home for a quick outfit change and some indoor snuggles. Next week, I have a few more from this session but the images are so emotional for me that they require their own special post. Stay tuned.

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