One of my most important jobs as a photographer is to take the actual photos. Obviously.

But what ever ceases to amaze me is that one of the most popular ways photos are displayed are…wait for it…on discs! (As in, not displayed at all.) You could argue that the pixels are displayed or that the photo on the disc counts. (It doesn’t.)

The problem is, displaying images is notoriously difficult work. It’s not the stuff of rocket science, I’ll give you that. But for the average person, a collection of small tasks like choosing a frame, choosing a wall, pounding a few nails into the wall is just too much when it’s up against laundry, dinner, and TV time. Part of my goal as a photographer is to help you display images in your home so that it is as pain-free as possible. To date, I have only carried a more modern line of photo frames. To allow me to help even more of you get images on walls, I present to you, a more classic, clean, and traditional frame. Whether your home would look best with wood frames, chunky frames, minimal frames, or even a frame with more sheen, I’ve got it. And instead of a million trillion choices, I’ve narrow it down to a handful of options.


See this cutie pie? His parents are the proud owners of a framed photo of him, as well as his two sisters, parents, and their entire family. We designed the display using some nifty iPad software and a tape measure after he had gone to bed. We enjoyed a glass of wine as we finalized the details: image selection, frame color, size, layout. I even emailed them a photo of what their display would look like on their actual wall.

Now, whenever he watches TV, plays on the iPad, eats his dinner, or runs to the bathroom, he will see his adorable little 4 year old self on the wall. At age 5, age 10, and probably even at age 15. In the meantime, photos of children like him everywhere are trapped inside a dusty computer drawer filled with old CDs, floppy discs, cord organizing ties, and inkless pens. Don’t let your photos suffer that fate. Find a photographer who will help you get your images displayed! Here are some up close and personal images of the brown wooden frame we chose to put Jackson’s cute little grin in.


wall arrangement



Here are a few of the fun things we can do with your next set of images. For even more choices, check out my “on your wall gallery“.