My sister and I are very close in age look A LOT alike. Need proof? You’re lucky, we had this photo taken recently by the very talented Becci Ames. Sam and Billy are marrying in three short weeks and we couldn’t be more excited.


We all met up one weekend for my first hybrid photoshoot. I used both film and digital which was a very eye opening experiment! Can you tell which images are which? I’ve got them all mixed up below for fun. While I wouldn’t call this a “styled shoot,” we chose attire carefully for this one. Billy wore his dress blues and Sam found two very simple dresses. And that red lipstick? LOVE it. It is reminder that for decades (and centuries), loved ones have sent their spouses for deployments, training, and war. Although it’s a far cry from Downton Abbey, I feel a certain similarity.

To lighten things up, we need some FUN of course. On their first date, Sam and Billy tossed around a football so we decided to add that element to our session as well. After all, they are big Panthers fans too. Sam played sports in high school and was AMAZING at them. Me? Not so much. I warmed the bench very nicely and loved my few “courtesy minutes.” I like that together, we bring different skills to the table, you know?

When we were done for the evening, I had a crazy idea to head over to Starbucks for some portraits at night. I wasn’t sure how they would come out but it was a great experiment because the stakes were low. I’m a huge fan of how they came out.

Canon EOS 1-N, Portra 160, developed and scanned by theFINDlab & Canon 5D Mark III with 85mm f/1.8 and 24-70 f/2.8