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This post isn’t actually about cleanliness or living rooms. I know. Work with me. It’s about much deeper feelings. I’m in the process of launching “A Day in the Life Session” packages. It’s a soft launch and I’m incorporating feedback as I perfect each individual detail. I’ve learned two major things that hold people back:

  1. People are insecure about the cleanliness of their homes.
  2. People are so insecure about the cleanliness of their homes that they won’t consider an in-home session.

When you think about growing up as a kid, what do you remember about home?

  • The bedding on your soft, comfy bed?
  • The chair your dad sat in while he watched TV.
  • The way the screen door crashed when you ran outside to play?
  • The quilt on the couch that your mom would place on you when you were sick?
  • The odd kitchen utensils that you only ever saw at your house?
  • The bathroom sink with the rust stains from the dripping
  • The dog hair that covered the carpet most of the time?
  • The dishes in the sink?
  • The pile of old junk in the backyard that your dad kept saying he’d take to the dump?

Our memories of childhood are wrapped into our surroundings as much as they are the people we grew up with. Why not capture that for your children too? Is photographing your family in the place you call home a more honest way of approaching it? To me, it is.

You’re doing your children a disservice if you are worrying about maintaining a the image of a perfect home. Your home isn’t perfect but to your children, it is what they know as comfort and love. (It’s how they view us too. They see comfort and love, we see imperfection.)

Oh you aren’t worried about how your living room looks? I will call your bluff here. See, over half of the moms who sent me these images apologized in some way for the state of their living room. What was funny is that it was SO subtle. Here are some “clips.”

  • I wonder if I should feel embarrassed our living room looks like this and we don’t even have any kids…
  • Prepare yourself…
  • We just got back from vacation!
  • I wish this were abnormal!

It’s easier to see the charm of a home when you are looking at someone else’s home though. Here are the living rooms of my fans and clients as photographed and submitted by them for an unknown purpose, including mine! There are 24 shown. Not one single living room terrifies me. Not one is too dark (I see windows and pockets of beautiful light.). Not one is too dirty, cluttered, chaotic, or unappealing to me as an artist. These are the rooms you are raising your children in. They are special as is. See for yourself.


Curious how I might work with them? The top image is one from the set above. See, I visited that friend last week and just brought my camera. In the first 2-3 minutes I was there, I took a few random snapshots and then put a bit more effort into a more thoughtful photo. Do you see how the right angle, lens, processing, and vision can make any living room workable? This is just a quick snapshot too. Imagine what we could do with two hours?