So I have a thing for cake making. I love eating it, I love baking it, I love watching others eat cake that I’ve baked. But it comes with one major caveat:

I don’t make cakes from scratch. Chez Rotenberg cakes comes from a box, baby.

Cheap, easy, consistently delicious. For Eli’s second birthday, I decided to harness the power of the cake mix to create a beautiful rainbow cake. It worked like a charm and I have a few tips and tricks to share with you that will make your next rainbow cake quick, easy, and a real crowd-pleaser.

What You’ll Need To Get the Job Done

  1. three boxes of white cake mix
  2. three canisters of white icing (or whatever color you want)
  3. food coloring (usually I am into eliminating these from our diet but I chose to live a little)
  4. three large bowls
  5. two round cake pans

What You’ll Want To Make It Easier

  1. old kitchen towel
  2. a few safety pins
  3. parchment paper
  4. pencil
  5. butter & flour to prep pans
  6. a kitchen scale

How To Git ‘Er Done

  1. Give baby the box of cake mix and let him open the cardboard box.
  2. Follow the instructions and make one cake mix. (If you want to use the scale to divide the batter into halves, make sure you weight that bowl first!)
  3. Divide cake mix into 2 bowls and add food coloring to achieve desired color.
  4. Prepare pans. You can use Pam but I recommend this method for flat, even layers that are easy to ice. First, cut parchment paper into the same size as the bottom of your cake pan. Faking it is fine. Rub butter on sides and flour lightly. Place parchment on the bottom of the pan. Cut an hold kitchen towel into 2 inch strips and make damp. Safety pin them to the outside of the cake pan. This will allow for more even baking and prevent the domes that you typically have to remove when stacking a cake.
  5. Pour into prepared pans and bake.
  6. Wash bowls and pans. Ok, ok, this part sucks. But it’s the only part that sucks.
  7. Stack upside down and ice between each layer. Ice the top.
  8. Place decorations or hand the kids bottles of sprinkles.

 Illustrations For My Visual Friends

And that’s it! Easy Rainbow Cake from a boxed mix.