I don’t know about you but I am a perfectionist when it comes to wall hangings. I am either stuck on one or more of following things:

  1. What am I going to hang? (I’d recommend new family photos. But that’s just me.)
  2. How large should it be? (A graphic is here to help you decide.)
  3. Should I frame it? Is a plain black frame boring? (No wrong answers, by the way.)
  4. When will I actually have time to hang it? (If it took 10 minutes, would that be doable?)

I present to you the “pretty much can’t screw this up” organic bloom frames. Last time, we looked at the various frame colors available to add pop (or more neutral tones) to your home. Now let’s look at shapes! From points to rounded edges, from plain rectangles to a circles, this line has pleasing modern shapes that can fit with most decor. The best part is, by combining shapes, you can create any wall gallery and you’re pretty much guaranteed success.

When you order from me, each frame comes ready to hang with hardware. You can usually just wing the hanging process by putting frames in an arrangement other than a perfect straight line.

Below you will find a collection of various frame shapes and different combinations that prove how easy this really. With a little guidance from me, check out what this client did with her latest portraits last fall!

3 frame display 4 frame display 6 frame display 8 frame display