For those who have checked out what you can do with images on your walls, you’ll recognize the bold frames that I have available to customers during ordering sessions.

Organic Bloom Frames are some of the most well respected on the market in terms of quality and customization. I pride myself on offering a very simple to understand product line but I tend to pull out all the stops when it comes to framing. I think it’s so important to allow the frame arrangement to enhance the portraits you display (and that starts with color).

So how do I pull it off? In my living room, I am a gray and white combo girl. A second display in my home includes a yellow in the mix as well.

walldisplay1However, in my bathroom, I pull out all the stops with frames in Purple People Eater. Isn’t it neat how such a bold color can blend so well with an otherwise ivory bathroom?

Here’s the official list of colors available to you and some of my favorite combos in a slideshow below. Enjoy!