Suddenly, the silence was broken by the hooting and hollering from the trolley pub powered by bicycling beer drinkers. Reid stopped playing his guitar and we just stared at each other for a minute. Ummm, really? That actually exists? A big cart where you bike while drinking with friends? Around town? Apparently so.

He continued strumming on and off while I captured him in the warm, setting sunshine.

Suddenly, the silence was broken again by a bystander offering her business card to Reid because “he’s super talented”. Umm, really? Isn’t it hard to get attention as a musician? I mean, Reid is a natural, don’t get me wrong. But we both shook our heads, totally surprised.

Inspired, we decided on a pose in the middle of the street that would be suitable as an album cover, someday. Here are some of my favorite photos of Reid from our session. Our fake album cover rounds out the bottom.