The first time Becky and I chatted, I remember she thought I had lost my mind. See, I don’t make it a practice to call clients while in a busy airport but sometimes…it happens. Like when a mom (me) is rocking a baby (my son) for hours and hours (hello, layover!). I figured, “Why wait??”

Sadly, it was too late to do a fall session together that year but I’m so grateful Becky signed up for my mailing list and stuck around. She was one my first mini session client signup of 2013!

Here is what she had to say about her experience:

Jess really went the extra mile to “delight” us as customers. This was most evident in two areas. First, her personal interaction was friendly, flexible and extremely helpful. She answered questions timely and thoroughly, and I honestly enjoyed getting to know her as a person. She seemed like she truly cared about ensuring that our family had wonderful photos! Second, her packaging went above and beyond. When she delivered our CD, she could have easily just popped it in the mail. Instead, she came to our house with a gift bag that included the CD, a small gift, the bonus accordion books, information about ordering, and general presentation that was both cute and brand consistent.

The experience with Jess made me realize that family photos don’t have to be a sterile experience that result in a set of pictures that feel like a commodity. Instead, it can be a fun family bonding time that results in special moments captured on film. This was evident not only in the final product of the pictures, but also in the service Jess provided. I can’t wait to use Jess again next year. I did not expect to be begging Jess to continue her business even after having her second child! (Insert begging here.)