Meet Theresa and Dan and beautiful Vivian. As alumni of NC State and fellow Park Scholars, they were role models for me, especially Theresa. They probably don’t remember speaking at a few alumni receptions here and there. Or the pizza night at Ciago’s in Raleigh for alumni networking night. That’s ok though because I do. Very well!

What always struck me about Theresa is how patient she always was answering questions about her experiences in medical school to younger students like me. I admired how “together” she appeared to be. Whenever we chatted, I always felt like 1. I could do hard things too, and, 2. At some point down the road, I’d finally carve out a plan for my life as well. Which until then, had been….meandering at best. It was that subtle encouragement from upperclassmen like Theresa that help me be brave enough to turn my microbiology degree into running a photography business. Who would have thought?

I’m grateful they asked me to take their family photos this past fall. Little Vivian was quite the trooper in the cold weather and we were able to take advantage of beautiful NC State Centennial Campus for their session. I’m convinced there is no better place in Raleigh for a young family to run around and get photographed. Between the manicured grass lawns, wooden benches, and modern architecture, it’s perfection.

But maybe I should keep that a secret? And NOT tell the internet my trade secrets?

Without further ado, here are my favorites of Vivian and her parents: